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Fortune 500 companies have 5,449 board of director seats1. Based on our research:

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There are no Native Americans serving on any Fortune 500 boards

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The State of Diversity in the Fortune 500

Mogul analyzed the Fortune 500 and ranked them on the current state of their diversity.

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We work with the world’s top talent. Our community includes:

  • Chief Brand and Marketing Officer, Marriott

  • Chief Information Officer, Park My Fleet & Board of Director at Comstock Inc and Velodyne Lidar

  • Board of Director at 15Five, Alliance Human Capital Management, and Al. Neyer

  • Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Logitech

  • Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Eli Lilly and Company

  • Chief Talent & Inclusion Officer, WPP

  • Chief Finance Officer, Acumera

  • Chief Marketing Officer, Ascential

  • Chief Executive Officer, Team One, Publicis Groupe

  • Chief People Officer, Moody’s Corporation

  • Board of Director, Mutual of Enumclaw & SVP Technology, T-Mobile

  • Board of Director Medical Memory & Chief Compliance Officer, Bio-Techne

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1Our research is based on the 2022 Fortune 500 list. For more information about our methodology and a full explanation of our data, please download the research report.

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Diverse Boards 
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Mogul examined the boards of the Fortune 500. 
Our findings reveal the current state of board diversity.

How does your company compare?

of Fortune 500 board chairs are white men


of Fortune 500 board members are female


of Fortune 500 board chairs are white


Changes from the 2021 Fortune 500 list

  • Most new board members this year are predominantly white and male (68%)
  • More companies have zero ethnic diversity since last year (15 last year vs. 22 this year)
  • Two companies on the 2022 Fortune 500 list have no women and no ethnic diversity (an improvement from 2021, in which three companies had zero diversity)
  • 22 companies have gender diversity but no ethnic diversity (15 had zero ethnic representation on the 2021 list)

  • Board members remain predominantly male:  69% male vs. 31% female
  • Board members remain predominantly white: 78.4% white vs. 22.6% non-white
  • Board leadership is extremely homogeneous: The most influential roles on boards–board chairs– are 91.3% white and 82.4% white male
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